Removal and Recycling


Expertly Removing and Recycling Artificial Turf

Although it is an extremely popular sports surface solution, AstroTurf is a potentially dangerous product when being disposed of. As it is non-biodegradable, it will sit in landfill sites for years to come unless responsibly recycled. At Astrological Products, we carry out artificial turf removal and recycling, ensuring that unwanted AstroTurf does not have a significant impact on the environment.

Recycled Products

Covering clients throughout the UK, we travel to premises and lift AstroTurf and artificial turf pitches before recycling them into brand-new products. Once the turf has been removed from your site, we bring it to our licensed recycling premises to break it down and convert it into various items. Our selection of recycled products covers a wide market, and includes rubber crumb, sand, polypropylene, rubber matting, granulated rubber, and foam underlay. Our products have been used by customers all over the world, with some of our materials even being sent as far as Australia.

Clean AstroTurf

Alongside products created from recycled artificial turf, we also sell clean AstroTurf for use in domestic gardens. Starting from just £1 per square metre, the turf can be collected directly from our recycling yard.

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