About Astrological Products

At Astrological Products, we provide a comprehensive recycling service for artificial turf and AstroTurf. It involves our expert team visiting your premises and safely removing any old or unwanted artificial turf before taking it to our premises and recycling it onsite. The recycled turf is then separated into different components before being converted into new products. Using more than 15 years of experience, we produce products including:

Hanging Basket Liners | Dairy Farm Walkways | Golf Course Bunkers | Shooting Range Walls | Rubber for Horse Arenas | Rubber for Stables

The Importance of Recycling

AstroTurf is a product that is non-biodegradable and can weigh up to 250 tonnes. Its composition means that, when disposed of, it quickly fills up landfill sites with dangerous components. In order to prevent this, Astrological Products recycles 100% of the materials, not only creating new products but also stopping large amounts of artificial turf being left to decompose at landfills.

Supplying around the World

Although we most supply clients in the UK, our products have been sent all over the world, even as far as Australia. The golf course bunkers are especially popular with international clients. Astrological Products carries a courier’s licence, meaning we are able to transport our waste products, while we are also a licensed premise for AstroTurf recycling.

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